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Long Past Time For An Update…

Friday May 23, 2014 - Author: NightStorm

So it would seem that I may have been neglecting my site over the past while. As such, I have decided it was time for a change around here, much like the ones that have taken place in my real life.
Since my last post, I have moved on from the world of lumberyard shipping. It was all a bit of a farce really, as I was let go because someone else built a load wrong. But you know what? I’m quite fine with that. The stress that the job was creating (I wold be scheduled from 6AM to 2:30 PM, but would be at work at 5:15 AM, often work through my lunch and leave work at 3:00 or later, then have my cell phone ring constantly right up until I went to bed) made the job less than enjoyable. I was the scapegoat for whenever anything went wrong in the yard… it was supposedly *my* responsibility, yet I was not actually given a promotion or pay raise to match the added demands. I think I’m much better off where I am now. Sure, the hours can be a little erratic, but the pay is much better, and being able to do work for the Film Industry is an awesome perk. It really says something when a National TV Show will send out a message that *you* are the one who moves their planes.


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Is It Bullying Awareness Week Or Not?

Saturday November 19, 2011 - Author: NightStorm

We are now day 7 into Bullying Awareness Week – a vision first started 10 years ago by a teacher in Calgary by the name of Bill Belset after a series of terrible school shootings took place (and were later linked to childhood bullying).  Over the last decade, his message of bringing an end to bullying has spanned the entire globe, bringing in support and events all over the World.  1 week dedicated to bringing attention to something horrible… doesn’t sound like much, does it?  And yet while news media all over the planet announce this week as the official Bullying Awareness Week (it even has its own Hashtag, #BAW2011, on Twitter), I have not yet seen a single News outlet in BC announce it, or even mention it.  Are the news stations so oblivious to the fact that bullying takes place in our Province, the same as everywhere else?  Are they blind to the problems that kids face?  or are they just brainwashed into thinking that Occupy Vancouver is a more important issue?  Maybe a bunch of people living in tents at the art gallery, drinking and doing drugs in public while they declare that they no longer recognize the authority of the police and fire department when it suits their purposes (right up until someone overdoses on-site) are more newsworthy than kids killing themselves to escape the torment they are put through at school and in their neighbourhoods.  Oh sure, a bullying victim kills themselves and the news jumps on it for a few days, crying about how if only something could have been done, or if only we knew sooner, or how can bullying be allowed to get to this point. (more…)

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Something Has Got To Give…

Monday October 17, 2011 - Author: NightStorm

What the Hell is wrong with the World?  When I went to school, “bullies” were a dime a dozen… some kid always wanted to try to look tougher than he actually was, by pushing around the small kid.  Nothing makes you look like more of a man than picking on a defenceless kid who is just trying to go from day to day the best way they know how, huh? (more…)

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Happy Birthday Kjell

Saturday July 30, 2011 - Author: NightStorm

July 31st, 1978… 33 years ago, my best friend entered the World.  It would be another 5 years before I actually met him and got to know him, but what followed was a good solid decade of friendship.  We had done so many things, that I could not possibly begin to recount it all now.  From nanaimo bars and sugar cookies at the bakery next to his parents store (he lived upstairs), to pretending that we were going to turn his Dad’s large cube van into a rocket, to using his Commodore 64 to code a laser so we could shock (he often referred to it as “zap”) his sister Kajsa (yeah, we were a little strange).  There were movies in Victoria, swimming at the Hotel (Marco Polo was a lot easier for us to win when we could team up and both see underwater), apple fights with the teenagers who lived behind his grandparents house, hockey games in the living room, and even a dart game that resulted in me being hit in the head by one.  We both had an obsession with He-Man (it was 1986, leave me alone), music, and computers.  He also had a small crush on my sister at the time, which was cool because he was already like my brother so what could go wrong from that?  Heh… memory flashback.  We (Kjell, myself, my sister Natalie, and her boyfriend at the time) had gone to a movie in Victoria… we were originally going to see King Kong Lives, but because Kjell and I were not yet old enough, we had to go see a different movie instead (Nat and her bf still went to King Kong, I believe).  After the movie, there was a race to the bus stop… if Kjell beat me, Natalie would give him a kiss.  Of course, I let him run ahead, and got to watch him blush as Natalie gave him a kiss on the cheek.  Stupid memory, but it’s the small ones that meant nothing at the time, that mean so much to me now. (more…)

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Thoughts on Game 7 and the Bandwagon

Wednesday June 15, 2011 - Author: NightStorm

Today, history will be made.  One way or another.
That phrase is being tossed around a lot lately.  Yes, it would be historic for the Canucks to win the Stanley Cup.  They are certainly the team I am cheering for.
But this isn’t the first the the Canucks have been here.  Yes, it’s the first time that this team has been here… this forward line, defensive line, and this goalie… but the Canucks have been in Game 7 of the finals before.  In fact, they’ve even pushed it into overtime.  We’ve been here before.  But history does not always repeat itself.  Gods, and the Lord (Stanley) willing, this will be one of those cases. (more…)

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