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We Support 12Stones, Their Families, Friends & Fans During This Time of Need

Saturday September 3, 2005 - Author: NightStorm - No Comments
Hey everyone. This is my first bulletin to this place, so bear with me… I’ve had a busy few days.
Most of you are on my list because, in one way are another, you are linked to the Rock Group 12 Stones… be it as family, as friends, or as fans. Well, what you should all be aware of by now, is that a tragic event took place last weekend in their hometown, and it has caused drastic events for members of the band, as well as those close to them.
Hurricane Katrina ripped through Louisiana and Mississippi, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without homes or possessions… all they have left is what they are wearing and carrying. Sadly, this is the case for one of the band members, Greg, and one of the bands (I do not say this loosely) biggest fans, Jino… most of you know him by the name ‘Bob WeadababyEatsABoy’. That’s right, these people, whose houses were miles apart (Greg on the coast in Mandeville, and Jino in New Orleans) suffer the same fate. The hurricane has destroyed what they worked hard to own, and have left them with nothing.
While I am very grateful that they are even alive, I feel that is not enough for these two, and the other 12 Stones fans who were tragically touched by this storm. So, I and a few others have gathered together what resources we have, and have put together a website and a special Paypal account for accepting messages of good will, and donations for those who have nothing. I must make it clear that the donations will NOT be going to the Red Cross, but instead will be delivered directly to those it was meant for, and all going as planned, we will have a video camera on hand to capture the moment for all to see… even those who can not be there themselves.
Anyway… what I was originally going to say wasn’t nearly as long as this, but I tend to ramble in the late hours of the night. So to the point, right?
Can you all PLEASE take just a moment to visit the site, and leave your thoughts and wishes for those who were bombarded by this Hurricane? Donations would be wonderful, but are not necessary… sometimes a kind word is enough to warm the heart. Also, if you have a moment, please refer your friends to the site so they too can share their love for the band, and show their support for the families and friends.
Thank you for taking the several hours to read through my mindless ramble, and thank you for taking the time to look around the site. If you visit the Media Page, and like what you hear by Kevin, visit his site at and his MySpace profile at and check out the rest of his material. And thanks to everyone else who has either given permission to put the content up, or taken the time to help put it all together, or just simply taken the time to look.
(And I hope this works… I’m new to Bulletins, and don’t know how the HTML works in them yet)

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