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Tuesday January 16, 2007 - Author: NightStorm - No Comments

Yeah, so after almost 3 weeks, I think I may have finally almost beat this damn ear infection.  I’m still deaf in my right ear, but the pain is gone, so I’m content.  Besides, it’s a great excuse to not listen to Tara (joking, Love).  Who would have ever thought that something like a small case of the flu would blow up into something that was such a pain in the ass (actually, the side of my head)?  Dustin got over whatever he had fairly quickly… we never did hear back from the Hospital about the blood work, so we’ll likely never know what kind of an infection he had… perhaps it’s better that way.  Leaves an air of mystery about the sickness, or something. We finally got Winter… only took until the middle of January for it to happen, but there’s actually snow on the ground… and it may even stay!  I was out shovelling the shit all afternoon (running back and forth between that and the house to check that the kids were not killing each other), so my back is a little sore.  Must not be used to the work. I have no idea why I’m “blogging”.  I’m not the blogging type, and I rarely even write more than my name down on any piece of paper, and most of the typing I do is more technical than “a day in the life”.  I guess I just wanted to fill in that empty space on my site.  Besides, everyone else is doing it… and before you ask, yes I probably WOULD jump off a bridge if everyone else was doing it too.  In fact, I have video footage in BC of me doing just that thing.  I haven’t quite decided yet if I was more careless when I was younger, or if I simply didn’t care what happened to me… but the kids have sort of wiped out that side of my personality.  Do I miss it?  Yeah, sometimes… but being a Dad brings about stupid responsibility feelings or some crap to that effect.
How’s that for a tangent?  This is my brain… no drugs, just the way I normally function.  Many would be scared at this point, and fearing for the lives of billions of brain cells.
I’ve never been very good about this whole “write what you feel” thing.  I mean, I have the thoughts, and in my brain the sentences sound just AWESOME… but then, I start to type them.  At that point, it’s like “every word for itself” and my thoughts all start to abandon ship.  What’s left is the junk that ends up here.  Don’t you feel lucky now?  I swear, if my thought process was like the Titanic, my brain would be that one guy you see near the end of the movie (you know, when the boat is going vertical in the water and they’re hanging from the rail) that falls and bounces off the propeller… nice loud bong sound, and plop… gone.

So yeah, anyway… no more empty blog space.  If you actually took the time to read this far, you need to find a new hobby.  Fast.  Good luck, and hopefully those brain cells will eventually recover from the damage that I have caused.  No worse than the damage a month or three of binge drinking would bring about.  Luckily for you all, I likely won’t be doing this again for a good long long time.


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