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Life is finally good, and my World comes together…

Saturday July 21, 2007 - Author: NightStorm - No Comments

So, where to start.  Gave up on Michigan, and went back to BC where all things started.  Who would have thought that while there, I would have found the one thing that I had been looking for my whole life, and that it was right there in front of me this whole time, especially through the crap I had to deal with when I was with Tara.  My anchor, grounding me to reality is now my life as well.  I just took too long to open my eyes up to see her there.
I’ve got the weekday thing happening back on Pender… drive the truck where I’m told, do deliveries when I’m told, and occasionally throw things at Don or the customers… it’s like I never left, except that the pay is a LOT better this time around.  Then, I get to spend the weekends at, what is honestly, my real home.  I mean, I sleep at the place I have on the Island (Yay for not having to live with my parents!!), but it’s empty and doesn’t feel like home to me.  But here, where I am now, is home.  There are sounds, and people, and love.  In a way, I didn’t even have that in Michigan, so it’s like coming into something new… and I love it.
So… am I happy?  Until now, I don’t think I really knew what happy was.

I just need to convince her that this split keyboard thing has GOT to go.  😉

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