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Wherein I rant about choices one makes, and the results from those choices…

Saturday November 24, 2007 - Author: NightStorm - 1 Comment
  • Each action results in an equal and opposite reaction.
  • Our paths are chosen by us, as are the destination.
  • Everything that we are, everything happens to us, is because of the choices we make along the way.
  • Try to kill yourself at home when the only people who are there are your kids, expect to have them taken away.

Pretty simple, isn’t it? When you make a choice, you have to expect repercussions of that choice somewhere down the line. Whether they are good or bad, is purely based on the choice you make. Lets look at an example.

Example 1 (the good): You truly love someone, and they want to spend their life with you.u. So, when you tell them you love them, they smile.
Cause -> Effect. The cause is the words you say to them, the effect is the most beautiful sight you have ever seen.

Example 2 (the bad): You take a bunch of pills then drink some alcohol, and leave a suicide note sitting next to you while your kids are sleeping upstairs. This results in you being put into a hospital and your kids taken away.
Again… Cause -> Effect. The cause is being a selfish child not thinking of your kids while you try to kill yourself, and the effect is loosing the only people who would have loved you unconditionally if you had only never tried to abandon them.

Not too difficult to wrap ones head around, is it? So why then, do some people still choose to blame the rest of the World for the way their own life is turning out? Especially people who are thousands of miles away at the time? Is there some sort of hidden message that the rest of us aren’t receiving?

Victim complex is a serious issue. Go ahead and Google it, it’ll actually have results. Some people are insistent that they can do no wrong, and every screw-up in their life is the not the result of their choices or actions, but of everyone Else’s. Those people need to grab a clue. Your life is the way it is because of YOU, not because of us. Daddy didn’t pour the booze down your throat and make you an alcoholic behind the wheel. You not getting hugged by your mother as a child didn’t turn you into a child molester. The fact that your dad hit your mom when you were a kid does not give you any excuse to hit your wife or girlfriend when your upset (or anyone, for that matter). And sorry, but that ex-boyfriend/husband/whatever didn’t pop the top off that bottle of pills and hold a gun to your head while you ate them.

When it comes time to make choices, where is the difficulty in simply reviewing the potential results of those choices? How long would it have taken someone to consider the fact that if they tried to off themselves while their kids slept, that possibly if they failed in the attempt, the kids might be taken away from them? That’s not even hard to fathom… it’s basic logic (which obviously escapes some more than others).

Its time that some people stepped up to the plate and accepted responsibility for their own actions. And the first step in that is to stop blaming the World because you proverbially fucked up (or who knows, maybe not proverbially…. I could care less what you do in your personal time). Are you a closet case of victim complex? How often do you blame others when your own life goes to shit? Accept responsibility for your mistakes and learn from them. You learn SFA if you don’t admit they were your screw-ups in the first place.

This is my angry post. Feel free to file it under “rant” and not bother reading it again… it might not even survive the week. But damn, blogs are a great venting point, aren’t they? 😉

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  1. by deejay_hr

    I have to agree. The same train of thought got me through a crisis in life, where I was considering the possibility of suicide. I came to the conclusion that suicide is for people who are too weak to cope with life, and those too cowardly to take on the next challenge life has in store for them. If I had time, I’d actually make a whole lecture out of this, but I don’t have time. Anyways, great minds think alike. Peace.

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