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Monday December 10, 2007 - Author: NightStorm - No Comments

So, I’ve been sitting here for a while staring at my blog… not really sure what to write, if anything at all. I don’t want it to fall into neglect, or become a place I only go to when I am angry and in need of venting space, but at the same time, I don’t want it to become a boring spot on the web either.

As I thought about it, my phone beeped at me. Hmm… could it be getting jealous of the attention the computer has been getting lately?? Nah… likely just some setting I haven’t found yet to make it stop. I went to Rogers Wireless the other day with Tami to check out new phone plans… turns out I was eligible for a new phone as well. Go figure. Got a Blackberry Pearl 8100 “smart” phone free. Not sure how smart it really is though, as it keeps doing what I tell it to and then getting mad when things break. It plays videos and music though, and has the expandable memory so I can fit lots and lots of junk on it, so I suppose it’s all good. I’m happy with it anyway.

We went and picked up the family Christmas present the other day too. xBox 360 Elite. I’m impressed. I mean, I’m not much of a Console gamer by any standards (or gamer in general at the moment), but even I found myself messing around in xbox Live and thinking “Okay, I could like this”. We picked up a new Wireless Router to go with it, so it’s online right now. Feel free to add me to your friends list on Live (NightStormDraco), and perhaps I might even be able to figure out how to approve the request. Mike is downstairs right now “testing” it. So far, he’s approved of the purchase. In fact, I think he may have genetically bonded with the chair infront of the TV, as that is pretty much where you can find him now, since it’s been set up. 😉

What else is new in my life?? Well, the year is almost over. Gonna be time soon where I get to reflect on the events that have passed, and think to the Future that has not yet come. It doesn’t mean I live in the past… no, not in the slightest. I just like to spend some time thinking back on the year, and seeing what I can learn from it… so that hopefully certain fuckups won’t be repeated. I’m certain right now that one of them won’t. Trust is a massive factor in any relationship, and it’s nice to have finally found it. Honesty is another major factor, and I don’t think I can even begin to explain how it feels now to have someone that I can both trust and believe.

Speaking of whom, Tami is gearing up to take on City Council again about opening a location here in town. I think she has a solid case this time, as the exact same center was recently opened near Toronto, and an article about it was posted in the Globe And Mail (she forwarded a copy to all Council members). We also have our sorta-annual LAN coming up sometime in the sorta-near future. Digital Storm Lan 2008 coming soon to Langley… or Vancouver… or, well… the Lower Mainland.

I am so proud of her. She has such determination that I have never seen… when she meets an obsticle, instead of becoming discouraged, she takes it head-on and beats her way through it so she can proceed with the plan. And, when someoen says no to her idea, instead of just walking away from it, she goes at it from a different angle until they see it her way. I hope she knows how happy I am to be with her, and, as I said, how proud I am of her.

Anyway… kinda got off on a multi-tangent. I suppose this counts as enough of an update, though. Hope all of you are doing well, and if I don’t make another post beforehand (though I likely will), I hope your Holidays are safe and happy. Take care, everyone.

– Me

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