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Another Year Down…

Thursday February 7, 2008 - Author: NightStorm - No Comments

Birthdays.  I fail to see what the big deal is about them.  So you’re a year older.  All that really means is that you managed to survive one more year.  Mind you, personally that can be a great feat, given my history of “oops” experiences… but just the same, it’s only a day, the same as any other.  Right?

So next month I turn 30.  Being a person who was rather amazed to survive to 20, 30 is probably some sort of big deal… or something.  Having never turned 30 before, I don’t exactly have anything I can compare it to.  I’m sure it’s important to some people when they experience the event, but personally it’s just not that big of a deal.

How would I like to spend it?  Sleeping in, cuddled up to someone I love.  Really, that’s all I want for my birthday.  It kind of narrows down the list of who I can get a present like that from, doesn’t it?

One would think that, after 30 years of existence, a person would be able to figure some things out.  But then again, if that was the case, we wouldn’t have the saying “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.  Have I learned from my history?  I should hope that, at the very least, some of my mistakes will not be repeated.  I’m happy where I am now, and of course I would not be there without having made some mistakes in my past.  They are essentially what made me who I am, and I can live with that.

So I get to spend this birthday doing something amazing.  The eLans are being held the day after I turn 30 (the second annual eLans), and I get to actually work backstage for it.  The chance to help run (even if on a micro-scale) a major Canadian Awards event, and meet some extremely talented and well-known people (like “Family Guy’s” Seth MacFarlane) is an amazing opportunity for me, and I think it’s a great way to ring in “number 30”.  Of course, I’ll likely be too busy focusing on the awards show to even care that it’s my birthday.

I must say though… it will be a very nice, and refreshing change to spend my birthday with someone I love and who loves me.  Might even be the start of a change, where I have something to look forward to with each passing year.


Or maybe I’m just getting old.

On a side-note, DigitalStormLan 2008 is running full-steam ahead.  We’re about to launch an entire series of new sites (which, of course, I will link to when they go live), and we have a number of potential locations scouted out for the LAN party, which will also be a qualifier for the World Cyber Games.  And, of course, with the completion of one headache, comes the onset of another.  Once DSL is completed for the year, we begin to kick our next project into gear… the opening of a physical location here in Aldergrove, to act as the new “Home Base” for Killanet Technology.  What is the base going to be?  We’ll be an Educational Media Outlet… a location where people can come in to learn things from the basics of computer control, to the more advanced fundamentals of Graphics design and animation, all the way up to game developement.  We plan on having several computer terminals available to the public during open hours, so that they may complete homework, research projects, check their email, or even just chat with friends.  There’s plans to have guest speakers and “teachers” come in from the multitude of Studios around Vancouver to show people how they do their magic, and there is even plans to go retail (seeing as we would need to be able to cover the lease somehow) and become one of the (hopefully) primary computer repair and supply locations in the area.

So yes, things are going very well, and I can see “30” as being a great year.  Assuming I survive that long.  20 was lucky… 30… well, you get the idea.  😉

Take care everyone, and talk with you soon.

– Me

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