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And The (Rock)Band Played On…

Friday March 7, 2008 - Author: NightStorm - 1 Comment

And time marches on.  Well, at the moment it’s sort of on it’s knees, crawling towards the impending date… but it’s moving forward, which is good (time moving backwards is always a bad sign, unless it’s in the Superman-sense where he’s reversing natural disasters caused by a nuclear warhead targeted at the San Andreas fault… which sucks, because that fault-line runs right up the BC coast.  But I digress).  Digital Storm LAN 2008 is coming fast, and we have our first official “in person” sale date set for Saturday, March 22nd at the Center.  What’s this mean?  Well, primarily, it’s a great chance to meet some of the potential attendees, as well as a chance to start seeing something come in from the sale of the tickets (which will of course end up going towards paying off the cost of the hall rental, but whatever).  There has been some speculation going around that DSL has sort of come out of nowhere and is trying to undermine other events taking place in the area… I’m kind of disappointed by such comments and would like to set the record strait by linking directly to a post that Tami has made in regards to such “net-line rumours” (grapevines, while good for standard rumour spreading, does not handle the loading of web pages nearly as quickly as the fibre lines running through town, so we will use net-lines to spread the good word instead).  Check it out on the DSL forum at (it’s there, I swear it).           Wow… run-on paragraph.  Anyhow, things are going great here… as always.  It’s great (I think I’ve said this before) to be back on the West Coast, where you can strip off your rain gear because its sunny and hot, and by the time you hang it up on your machine (I drive a forklift, remember), the clouds have rolled back in and it’s pissing down rain (wait, I’m not done yet)… so, you take the gear and proceed to put it back on.  In the 30 seconds that have passed, so too has the cloud of eternal waterfalls, and it’s again sunny and hot… and people are staring at you like you’re nuts for wearing such heavy rain-gear on such a nice day.  Yep, BC climate is awesome in it’s annoyance.  But the perks far outweigh the downside to living in a coastal rain-forest, and I’m loving being back on home soil.
Video Games Live went on sale the other day, slightly ahead of original planned date… Tami hit up Ticketmaster, and actually got us 3rd row tickets.  So, we are essentially going to be in the orchestra pit for the show… well, not right IN the pit, but close enough that I could probably sneeze on the brass section and infect them with whatever sickness has managed to plague the staff at work.  Not that I would do something cruel like that.  I save my sneezing on people for my co-workers… just helping to spread the bugs.
Mike is still rocking hard with Blade Radio.  He’s logged in over 35 hours this past week on the air, and is going strong with (as was reported to him tonight) a record-blowing (for them) 250 listeners.  That’s a lot for a small fresh-start Internet Radio station catering primarily to Guild Wars players.  Don’t take that the wrong way though, they don’t JUST do Guild Wars stuff… oh no, they are constantly giving away swag and prizes, from in-game gold, to actual computer hardware and software.  And of course, there’s the music itself, which is, in my opinion, well worth the bandwidth.  They broadcast 2 separate streams, depending on your connection speed, so it’s very friendly to a large number of potential listeners out there.  Their website is (pardon the fact that the web-pages themselves are somewhat slow… I’m trying to convince them to upgrade their web host to someone with more speed available… the radio does not operate on the same speeds), so check them out when you have some time and want to listen to great music.
As for me?  I’m going to go work on a website… or maybe grab some caffeine and bang my head on a desk… oh wait, one inevitably leads to the other anyway.  So I guess I’ll go grab some caffeine, work on a website, and bang my head on the desk for a while.  Got a busy few months ahead of me, and frighteningly I am actually sort of looking forward to it.


I must be nuts.

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  1. by deejay_hr

    Err… wow. The last line is what I thought after the first paragraph. But by the time I got to the last line, nuts seemed as an understatement. That’s a lot of random nonsense mixed up with facts in one post, Scott. I’m impressed. Glad to hear you’re doing good. Keep up with the frequent updates. 😛

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