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Fraser Valley Weather Changes

Friday March 28, 2008 - Author: NightStorm - 1 Comment

WTF??? Like seriously… what the Hell is the deal with the weather here all of a sudden?  In one day, we went from 10 degrees and sunny, to 0 and snowing, to 2 and hail, to 10 and sunny… ALL IN A FRICKIN’ HOUR!!!  So I’m standing there thinking “No, this can’t really be happening…” but it was, and bloody hell, it sucked.  Mind you, it didn’t snow enough to stick, but just the same, white crap fell from the sky when it was supposed to be sunny and warm.  Damn BC Coastal climate.

On a side-note, Digital Storm LAN has signed on a few new sponsorsRedBeard joined us yesterday, and has offered to send a number of high quality OEM skins for the LAN.  What are OEM skins?  Well, they are metal foil skins that you can put over your DS, PSP, or XBox to give them a completely unique look.  They use a 6 colour print process onto the metal, then coated in a clear epoxy to provide protection from scratches and dings.  This allows you to have a flame job, or advertising for your own company, or favorite movie logo right there on the side of your game console (or whatever else).

DSL has also partnered with VS-Gaming Arena out of Vancouver, giving them exclusive in-store ticket retail sales.  In simple English, this means that if you want to buy a ticket for DSL in person and can not make it to one of our selling events, you can buy the ticket at his Cafe anytime during their regular business hours.. and can even sit down at one of his many computer terminals to check email, or just frag the guy on the other side of the room.  It’s all good, and Dustin is a great guy, so be sure to swing through and say hi, even if you don’t need a ticket.  He’s got a CS 1.6 Tournament coming up on the 12th and 13th, so if you’re into the FPS games, this might be just up your alley.

We have another “in person” ticket sale taking place at the Croatian Cultural Center on April 12th, from 1PM to 4PM (it’s a Saturday).  There is also a monthly computer swap meet taking place there at the same time, so come and buy your ticket, and stay for the sale.

On a personal note, umm… lesse, what is there I can talk about…?  Uhh… yeah, I’m drawing a total blank on this one.  It must be because it’s my day off and my brain refuses to function when it doesn’t actually have to.  days off are good.  Like pizza.  I like pizza.  And cookies (yes, I am simply looking around the room and describing what I see… sad, isn’t it?).  Caffeine is good too… and speaking of which, my cup is empty, so I’m gone to get a refill.

Take care everyone, and coffee to all.

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  1. by deejay_hr

    Erm… Wtf mate? I want coffee! Except I don’t like coffee. Life sucks sometimes.

    As for the climate, be happy, the snow didn’t stay. I got a cold from Austria. Damn snow.

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