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Saturday March 29, 2008 - Author: NightStorm - No Comments

So, every once in a great while, we may feel compelled to make a statement.  I don’t mean like the one I made her yesterday about the weather (although I still stand by that one).  No, I mean something, well… more.  What sort of statement could one such as myself make?  Not much of one… at least, not in any form of originality, anyway.  But I can echo someone else’s.

As the story goes, this video was made with an intended purpose… a focus on the War in Iraq.  The statement it makes though, reaches far beyond any one purpose.  This video should be viewed more as a way of life… a better way.  Is it possible that the World can really live this way?

You decide.

 With each passing day, we have choices to make.  Do we turn left, or right.  Do we smile, or cry.  Do we point and laugh, or do we help the person up?  It doesn’t take much to reach out and make someone else’s life a little better.  Does it?  One World.  Our World.  Together.  Think about it.

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