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Journey To The Center Of My Pocket Book…

Tuesday July 29, 2008 - Author: NightStorm - 1 Comment

Went to see “Journey To The Center Of The Earth” the other night.  Not a bad movie.  They make it out to sound like a remake of the original in the previews, but I have got to tell you, it’s not a remake.  The basic premise to the movie (without spoiling it) is that Brendan Frasers brother goes missing, his nephew (who was a baby when his dad vanished) comes to stay with him for a week, bringing along a collection of personal belongings of his MIA father.  This leads them off on a journey… obviously one to the centre of the Earth.  How is it not a remake?  Well, the MIA brother/father was a Vernian (a believer that the writings of Jules Verne were based on fact, and not science fiction), and set out to find a pathway to this hidden world, in hopes of proving that what he believed was true.  Obviously, if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t have much of a movie, but I’m not going to say much more than this.  Go see it.  See it in 3D, because that’s what the movie was made for, and that’s the best way to enjoy it.

DSL… Less than a week away.  Just a few more days, and we’ll be packing up the vehicle(s) to prepare our trip into Vancouver for DSL ’08, ready for an early morning departure.
Okay, maybe not really early… probably closer to 10 or 11… but you get the idea.  With some great prizes, and an amazing band who will be playing a live concert there on Saturday night, this will definitely be an experience to remember.

I managed to get a few days off this past week… not exactly by choice, though.  Stepping off my forklift on Monday, I somehow managed to either twist wrong or bent wrong or something, because as my foot made contact with the ground, I got this sudden pulling/tearing feeling just below my shoulder blades.  Nice, huh?  It gets better.  Being the typical guy, I decided that whatever it was couldn’t have been too serious, and reported it to the shift supervisor, and kept on working to finish out the day.  Not one of my better ideas, but whatever.
So Tuesday comes along, and things are not happy.  By noon, it hurt to even move… my forklift seat didn’t really help the situation much, what with forklifts not having any shocks.  Headed to the chiropractors, and after some interesting tests, find out that I had 3 vertibre and 4 spinal ribs out of place that had to be “repositioned”.  Yeah.  OWW!  But wow, did it feel good after.  They couldn’t do anything about my neck for that visit, as its a WCB claim (and the neck is not part of the report), but my back felt great after.  Of course though, I can’t return to work until they say it’s okay, so here I am sitting at home at 11 AM on a Thursday waiting… and waiting… and waiting.
Meanwhile, I just know there’s stuff to be done at work, and that it’s probably superhellainsanebusy… and I’m here, waiting.  Even after I get out of the office, it’ll be close to 3 PM… by the time I got to work, it’d already be 4, and the place closes at 5:15 (can we say pointless trip?).  Theoretically, WCB will cover the 2ish days I’ll be off.  A slight redesign on the forklift would be nice too, as that seat really does NOT help any.
I’m not really sure if they follow this, but I would like to congratulate Matt and Rachel on settling on a (apparently) nice apartment to move into.  I say apparently, because as I write this, I have not yet seen the pictures and can only go on Rachel’s description on her livejournal.  Either way, congratulations you too!  I do NOT envy your next few weeks as you sort and pack and sort and move and sort and unpack and throw away and… well, you get the idea.

As you’ve probably guessed, this blog post was done over the course of… ogh, about a week.  So if you’re confused about the jumping around the calendar thing, let me straiten it up for you real quick.
Journey review: July 21st-ish
DSL blurb #1: July 24th
Back Owwie stuff: July 24th
DSL #2: July 29th
So yeah… about a weekish or so to get this typed.  I guess that’s just how I work.

At any rate, I doubt I’ll be blogging again this week.  I may post from the LAN, but I commit to nothing at this point.  If anything, I’m certain I will have pictures, video, and stories to post when I get back, so be sure to either subscribe to the blog, or check back regularly.  A good, sleep-deprived time is sure to be had by all.  😉


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  1. by bohemianeditor

    flickr.comI’m following. 🙂 I just uploaded the apartment pics to my Flickr:

    Moving won’t be any fun, but it’s going to be SO worth it.

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