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On The 11th Hour, Of The 11th Day, Of The 11th Month… We Remember.

Tuesday November 11, 2008 - Author: NightStorm - No Comments

So, I was going to do my annual post last night, but could not seem to concentrate enough to get it done.
Here it is.
Remembrance Day.  What does it mean?  In simple terms, it’s the chance to say thank you to all those who have helped to make this Country, and even the entire World, a little safer.  Many thousands of Canadians have given their lives, just to make sure that we have the right to spend one minute out of our entire year just to say “thank you for your sacrifice”.  One little minute doesn’t seem like much, when you compare it to the number of people you are honouring with it, does it?  I didn’t think so… unfortunately, a customer I had today didn’t think the same thing.
As the planes flew over head, circling from one Royal Canadian Legion to the next, trying to be near them all when that moment came, I was with a customer at work.  Yes, our store does not close for Remembrance Day, even if some of us truly wanted to attend the ceremony at our local Legion.  Anyway, 11 AM came around, the radio fell silent, and I shut off my forklift and sat in silence.  Less than half a minute later, the customer is asking me why I have stopped.  I pointed out that it is 11 o’clock on Remembrance Day, and I am giving my moment of silence.  This customer actually scoffed at me.  Mind you, he did let me finish the moment… but to even interrupt it, when it’s obvious what I am doing (the same thing as tens of thousands across our Country) was insulting to me.  I won’t bother to highlight his apparent nationality, due to the risk of being accused of racial profiling… but just the same, I was deeply disturbed by this brief encounter.
Perhaps it was just a case of bad timing, or maybe he was not aware of what time it actually was… maybe I have taken for granted the knowledge and respect I was raised with.  Or maybe this customer just thought that his time is worth more than THEIRS was.
To those who serve, have served, or have family or friends who do or have ever served… thank you.

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