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Wow… I’m really falling behind… and what the Hell is Facebook Connect?

Monday March 29, 2010 - Author: NightStorm - 1 Comment

So, I’ve been heavily neglecting this place lately, it would seem.  The software was out of date, the plugins were out of date, the content (obviously) was extremely out of date.  Yet the motivation to sit down and make a post (no idea what I would write) wasn’t all that… motivational.  Go figure that I would want to do something, until it actually came time to sit down and do it… when the motivation would basically vanish into thin air without any trace left behind, other than the fact that I vaguely remembered once having some motivation.So we survived the Olympics here in the Lower Mainland.  I had actually written a post about it (several, in fact), but failed to finish them.  I think I might just follow up this post with what I had actually started to write, and just confuse the Hell out of the people who actually do manage to read this place.  How many of you are there, anyway?  Four?  But back on topic, yes we survived the Olympics, and are in the process of the Paralympics right now.  Tami, Amy and I headed downtown on the last Saturday before the Olympics closing ceremonies to catch some of the excitement and see a few of the “houses”.  While I was extremely impressed with the event as a whole, I was less than impressed with many of the Provincial Houses.  One would think that, in a world-wide event, a province would take the time to actually highlight the best parts of what they have to offer, yet many of them were nothing more than a open floor, or a bar, or an exclusive restaurant.  Sorry, I was more interested in seeing why I would want to visit your province… guess there’s nothing of interest there after all.  At any rate, things are done.  Once again, Vancouver was in the eyes of the World, and overall it was successful.
Heard some news that put me into a bit of shock the other day.  I guess overall, it hasn’t exactly been the best of weeks for some of my co-workers.  I won’t go into detail on any of it, as it’s not my place to do so… just want to remind everyone to take a few minutes to be thankful for the loved ones they have in their life… friends, family… things can change in a moment, and it’s not always planned or expected.  Though realistically, one planning for tragedy would be rather morbid.
At any rate, I think it’s time to just get this posted (with the half-post I did a few weeks ago) and head off to watch 24.  I’ll probably post again when I’m over on the Island, as it can get real boring over there… but for now, I suppose this is sufficient.
On one final, nearly missed thought… the site is now “Facebook Connect” enabled.  That means that by connecting this site to your Facebook, you will only have to login once to be a member of both sites.  Cool, huh?  You can see it in action over at Village Gamer as well, if you want to check the legitimacy of it prior to testing it out here.
And now, my ancient-and-not-finished-post… you should be able to tell just from the first sentence exactly how old the write-up actually is… but whatever.  Enjoy anyway.So, the Olympics are here in less than 48 hours (note that I started this a few days ago).  2 days, and the attention of the World will turn onto Vancouver, with it’s white winter weather and snowdrifts everywhere.  Wait a minute… we don’t HAVE snow here… and the mountains are not fairing too well either.  But whatever.  Who could have guessed that Vancouver (and the Lower Mainland) would have a mild February.  Umm… how about pretty much anyone who’s lived here?  At any rate, Vancouver will be over-run with people for the next 3 weeks.  So guess where Tami and I will be.  If you guessed “No where near Vancouver”, you guessed right.  Not a chance I’m going to set foot on that side of the bridge anytime during this event.  Sure, I’m all for supporting Canada on their run to Gold, but I think I’ll just do it from the comfort of my own home (where the people-to-space ratio is in our favour).
Tami and I have spent a lot of time in Vancouver over the past few weeks.  Seems like everyone was scrambling to get their events in and done before the Olympics came through… I get a feeling that between almost every venue in the Lower Mainland being booked solid, and the general nightmare that traffic is going to be downtown, they all got the idea that most of us aren’t keen on extra trips into the city.
Siggraph had their annual SparkFX show last month… while Tami and I didn’t have the time to attend any of their presentations, we did attend one of their after’show mixers and got to catch up with some people that we missed seeing over the Winter downtime.  We also headed back into Vancouver that weekend for the annual Global Game Jam.  What’s that?  No, it has nothing to do with sandwiches.  The Global Game Jam is 48 hours of solid hard-core game design… teams of 3-8 people get together, and take a game from concept right through to final production… everything is done right there in the 48 hour window, with no outside help.  Some of the games are wacky (a game that requires you to induce vomitting of a monster in order to escape it’s stomach), to stunning (a game that Village-Gamer-friend Mico was working on involved some amazingly rendered 3D graphics of fish and ocean accessories).
I just want to throw a little note out there.  Protesters suck.  I mean, if you have an actual reason to protest, then great, all the power to you.  But these disorganized attention-whores in Vancouver need to get a grip on reality.  “Oh, all the Olympic money could have gone towards something else” as you stand there in your Tommy Hilfinger jeans and Nike Sport shoes.  Guess what, brainiac… a good chunk of the money did NOT come from the Government, but from Sponsorship.  Most of rhe money contributed by the Government was put towards long-term investments in the province.  Highway improvements, cleaning up the city, skytrain expansion… things that will actually help the city for years to come, as opposed to a short-term benefit.  ANd now, as I am writing this, more idiots are in downtown Vancouver smashing out business windows, tipping over newspaper boxes, and causing general damage in the name of “protest”.  Protest what, I wonder… intelligence maybe?  They obviously are against it.  Anyway, whatever.  Protest all you want, but I dont want to hear about it when they decide to tazer your stupid ass for being a moron in public… something I hope happens soon.
So, I turn 30-something tomorrow.  I think it’s 32.  Yeah, it’s 32 (I had to do the math to confirm).

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  1. by deejay_hr

    As your most faithful commenter, I must make my existence known with a post. Yes, you have been keeping your fans in the dark, I daresay. Would be nice to hear from you a bit more often, but hey, I’m not one to speak, as I don’t have the motivation to even start a blog, let alone keep it going.

    I think I heard the Olympics were happening in Vancouver, but I didn’t care enough about them to actually check it out. The world is full of idiots, and when a smart person sends the idiots on a mission, you get crap like this. Well, this or the crusades… I think you might be better off with protests.

    Finally, congratulations on hitting 32 years of life. I think you are no longer entitled to laugh at Shadow for his age. Happy belated birthday! =)


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