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Thoughts on Game 7 and the Bandwagon

Wednesday June 15, 2011 - Author: NightStorm

Today, history will be made.  One way or another.
That phrase is being tossed around a lot lately.  Yes, it would be historic for the Canucks to win the Stanley Cup.  They are certainly the team I am cheering for.
But this isn’t the first the the Canucks have been here.  Yes, it’s the first time that this team has been here… this forward line, defensive line, and this goalie… but the Canucks have been in Game 7 of the finals before.  In fact, they’ve even pushed it into overtime.  We’ve been here before.  But history does not always repeat itself.  Gods, and the Lord (Stanley) willing, this will be one of those cases. (more…)

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Sometimes Life Throws You A Curveball…

Tuesday April 5, 2011 - Author: NightStorm

I was 8 the first time I met my grandparents.  it was a big thing for me, too.  Having never flown before, the chance to fly all by myself at 8 years old was an awesome experience.  And this wasn’t just a small flight, either… no, I got to actually cross the entire country, from Coast to Coast.  Flying out of Victoria (in a window seat, of course) right to Halifax (with a layover in Vancouver, and a brief stay of a few hours at Toronto Pearson).  By myself.  At age 8.  Obviously, I grew up in a different World than people find their children in now.  Anyway, it was the first chance I got to meet my Dad’s parents… as well as a sister of his that I had only barely spoken to on the phone, and his oldest brother. (more…)

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I am so horrible at updates…

Friday February 18, 2011 - Author: NightStorm

So on a whim, I decided to sit down at my PC and do some real work on it… you know, clean out old unused files, run the Windows Update (the very same updates I yell at people for not running, yet constantly fail to do so myself) and, in a moment of sheer stupidity, update to the latest version of Windows, “7”.
Yep, that was mistake number one.  My computer, while not exactly what one would call “ancient”, was certainly not streamline.  Intel P4 (3.2Ghz with hyperthreading) and 2GB ram, feeding a 512MB video card… yep, this is where your eyes glaze over, right?  Don’t worry, techie talk is done for a few.  Anyway, the machine was certainly capable of running Windows 7… or so I thought. (more…)

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Wow… I’m really falling behind… and what the Hell is Facebook Connect?

Monday March 29, 2010 - Author: NightStorm

So, I’ve been heavily neglecting this place lately, it would seem.  The software was out of date, the plugins were out of date, the content (obviously) was extremely out of date.  Yet the motivation to sit down and make a post (no idea what I would write) wasn’t all that… motivational.  Go figure that I would want to do something, until it actually came time to sit down and do it… when the motivation would basically vanish into thin air without any trace left behind, other than the fact that I vaguely remembered once having some motivation. (more…)

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A Year of Changes

Thursday December 24, 2009 - Author: NightStorm

A little over 3 months ago, the Kia started acting… strange.  It was due for some mechanical work (or so said the reminder card that showed up in the mail), and the 4 wheel drive was now more of a 3 wheel drive.  So off Tami and I went to the local Kia dealer, just to see what they had… we barely made it out of the “truck” when one of the salesmen(women) was on us asking if we were planning on trading it in. (more…)

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