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My monthly long rant… 2010 Elans Awards Scamshow, And What’s Up In The Valley?

Thursday December 17, 2009 - Author: NightStorm

doomed So, in a few short weeks it’ll be 2010.  It’s hard to believe that another whole year has almost passed.  I mean, yeah there have been times where it may have felt like time has slowed to a crawl, where I wish the day would just end (oddly, today was one such day), but overall the year has seemed to pass rather quickly.  I think back on the time that has gone by, and events that have taken place during that time, and its a blur. (more…)

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Rememberance Day 2009

Tuesday November 10, 2009 - Author: NightStorm

Sometimes words aren’t enough… but Shawn does such a wonderful job of conveying the message that many feel.  So, instead of taking my normal route for November 11th, I leave you with a simple video and a set of lyrics to accompany it.  The video says more than I ever could anyway.

It only takes two minutes to think about the sacrifice others have given, and are giving right now, for you to be here.   Tomorrow at 11 AM, give that time.

Some people say, I’m a fighter
Some people hate what I do
I stand for my country
I stand for you

I got a family that loves me
They respect what I do
Try telling your child you’re leaving
Believe me it’s a hard thing to do

So, If I die don’t judge me
Cause, I will not judge you
And If I die, please accept it
Cause, I would die for you

We have our reasons
Rules, morals and beliefs
I won’t slander your opinion
I’m just searching for peace

So, If I die don’t judge me
Cause, I will not judge you
And If I die, please accept it
Cause, I would die for you

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Why You Should Jailbreak The iPhone

Sunday August 16, 2009 - Author: NightStorm

Reposted From Village Gamer

Now, from the headline there, you are probably expecting me to go into some rant about how it should be okay to tamper with Apple’s software because you are paying for the phone anyway.  Nope, not gonna go there.  So what’s the point in starting with such a controversial topic?  Well, hopefully over the next few paragraphs, I can explain further. (more…)

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Village Gamer Gets An iPhone

Friday July 17, 2009 - Author: NightStorm
Originally Posted On Village Gamer

iphone_3gsSo, on a whim (well, not so much, as I had been eyeing them up since the first generation was released), Tami and I headed into Abbotsford to visit James Kavin at the Rogers store (at Sevenoaks Mall, great service) and see about getting the new iPhone 3Gs.  After much discussion with the service representative about various methods to have the phone added to my account, we figured out a way to make it work well for both myself and Mike (who will soon be inheriting a new-ish HTC Touch Diamond). (more…)

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There is seriously no pattern to this… I’m actually this random

Wednesday May 27, 2009 - Author: NightStorm

I recall saying once that I was not much of a blogger.  I think what I actually meant to say was that while I may be a bit of a blogger, I was (and am) by no means a consistant blogger.

Tami and I went to see the new Tom Hanks movie the other night… Angels And Demons.  Now, while a lot of people are claiming this to be a sequal to The Da Vinci Code, the book (and the timeline) actually takes place beforehand.  I still haven’t quite figured out if the movie is, though.  They reference a few times his (Professor Landon) past dealings with the Church… now, whether this is hinting at the events of Da Vinci, or just some random past event, I can not say.  The movie as a whole though, I felt was very well done, if not somewhat rushed.  Not rushed in the sense of missing out on the plotline altogether, but just… rushed.  They movied quickly from one point to the next, leaving little time to actually digest what had just happened.  There were a few points in the movie that actually seemed blurred… (more…)

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